Moving services to mark Easter festival

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Following the season of Lent, the most significant Christian festival of Easter was recently celebrated by Christians all over in Luton and across the world. Christians mark this festival through a variety of Church services and various innovative and symbolic activities.

One such powerful demonstration of Christ’s death and resurrection took place at High Town Methodist Church in Luton. Week by week during the period of Lent, symbols of the crucifixion of Christ were added to a wooden cross, including a crown of thorns and nails hammered into the cross. Christians believe that Jesus Christ’s death for the sins of the world has created a path for humanity’s salvation. On Easter Sunday, the multicultural congregation were invited to the Altar (space at the front used as the focus for religious purposes) to place colourful flowers onto the Cross, as signs of life signifying Christ’s resurrection (rising from the dead) – Christ conquering death.

It was a moving occasion for those attending the service, creating an appreciated space for physical interaction with, and spiritual reflection upon, the meaning of Easter.