New jobs in store at ASDA

Expansion to take place this year

Up to 100 new jobs could be created when the ASDA store in Luton is expanded later this year.

The company announced this morning (Weds 20/02) that it would be creating 9,000 new jobs across the UK in 2008 by opening new stores and making existing ones bigger. The Luton store, in Wigmore Lane, will be expanded and between 80 and 100 new jobs created.

ASDA has not yet been able to say when the work will take place, or how big the extension to the store will be. But a spokesman for the company said it was customer demand that had brought about the plans.

She said: "Where we can help our customers we will. If they have said that they would love a bigger George section, or more non-food offer, then we can try and do that where we have room."

The company's chief financial officer, Judith McKenna, said the plans showed the company's "ongoing commitment to local communities".