An eggstraordinary day!

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Ferrars Academy pupils arrived at their Macaulay Road,

Luton, school on Tuesday to find that an enormous egg had mysteriously appeared in the playground.

How did it get there? Where did it come from? What could possibly be inside?

No one could offer any answers.

The local police came to guard the egg and a scientist from the museum of strange objects visited the school to view the unexplained object.

The children worked hard all day looking for clues and creating imaginative stories about the egg.

After an assembly to celebrate the day’s work the children left school to find that the egg had hatched and some mysterious green footprints had been left behind leading out onto the pavement. What had come out of the egg and where could it be going now?...

The day proved a great challenge for the pupils’ creative writing day. Posters were put up along the route to school advertising the egg and a PCSO guarded the area to make the event look more realisti