Polish murder trial continues


The murder trial of a Polish man charged with killing his housemate continued at Luton Crown Court today (February 5).

Konrad Kaczynski, 30, denies murdering Wlodzimierz Jablonksi, 51, who died from head injuries six days after an attack at his home in Stockwood Crescent on August 7 last year.

The court heard evidence from pathologist Dr David Rouse who said a post mortem showed the deceased had up to nine broken ribs and more than 20 areas of impact on his body, as well as a broken nose and a small cut on his upper lip.

Doctor Rouse said the deceased had 196mg of alcohol in his blood which is two and a half times the drink driving limit, indicating moderate to severe intoxication.

He said the rib injuries could have been as a result of kicking, and that it was impossible to tell if the blows had been administered while the decased was sitting or standing.

The prosecution allege an argument developed between Mr Kaczynski and Mr Jablonski resulting in the accused suddenly attacking him.

The case continues.