Rev up for a new hobby - scale model Slotstox

Slot car enthusiasts Nick Thrower and his son Simon
Slot car enthusiasts Nick Thrower and his son Simon

Luton Slot Car Club has recently introduced a rip roaring extension to its activities – Slotstox, scale model stock car racing.

And according to club secretary Nick Thrower it’s fast, furious and fun.

He said: “It’s ideal for home Scalextric and expert racers alike.

“Just like full-sized racing, the track is oval but with a chicane to force cars close together so there are lots of crashes and the winner is the last person running - if you fall off or are pushed off, that’s the end of that race.”

He added: “What can be better than pushing a national champion off the track and going on to win? As well as being fun, it introduces techniques of car construction and maintenance as well as an opportunity to drive cars that are a fair bit quicker than the average Scalextric – an ideal stepping stone into faster slot cars on the club’s raceway.”

IT manager Nick built his first track from scratch when he was a kid of 11 and retains the same child-like enthusiasm for the hobby that has had him hooked ever since.

> Luton Slot Car Club runs Slotstox every other Friday evening and would like to attract new members to this novel hobby. LSCC is part of Venue 360 in Luton’s Gypsy Lane. Call Nick on 07900 227222 or visit