Second World War plane 'dive-bombs' couple

Injury after Lancaster flies by to Duxford

A legendary Second World War bomber aircraft was sighted over Luton on Saturday.

The noise of the Avro-Lancaster PA474 shocked Houghton Regis man Jim Gill and his wife, who were driving ponies and carriages in fields in Pepperstock, when the plane dipped low in the sky before disappearing at about 4pm.

But Mr Gill, 66, was far from impressed by the unusual vision of such a plane, as his wife's pony reared up at the noise, injuring her.

The couple had spotted the plane moments before, flying low and heading over the M1 motorway, but when the plane returned just seconds later, the Gills were unprepared for such a daring display.

Luton Airport later told Mr Gill that the rare Lancaster aircraft had been on their radar and was heading to a Battle Of Britain airshow in Duxford.

The plane is one of only two Lancasters still in airworthy condition in the world - one in Europe and one in Canada - out of 7,377 that were built.

Mr Gill said: "Normally it's a fantastic and rare thing to see and I'd probably love to see it, but not in those circumstances."