Simple logo that captures what Age Concern Luton is all about

It took a brain storming session, a glass of Pinot Grigio and hey presto! dynamic Age Concern Luton director Colette McKeaveney came up with the idea behind the charity’s new logo.

It’s a simple silhouette of two people sitting on a bench but it illustrates everything Colette, 49, wants to say about what the award-winning organisation offers.

Age Concern Luton director Colette McKeaveney

Age Concern Luton director Colette McKeaveney

“Everyone needs three things in life,” she says, counting them off on her fingers. “Someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to.

“We can’t promise you someone to love but we can promise you friendship.

“The logo speaks of the need for companionship and that’s what two people sitting on a bench is all about.”

It’s the charity’s 21st anniversary next year and Colette is hoping as many people as possible will send in photographs around the friendship bench theme.

Age Concern Luton new logo

Age Concern Luton new logo

“It doesn’t have to be two elderly people,” she says. “It could be a man and a dog, a mum and daughter, a couple of teenagers.

“We’re going to have a really big party to celebrate and all the pictures will be displayed on a collage at the event.”

She adds: “There are lots of thing we have no control over, things we can’t solve no matter how much money is spent . . . homelessness, poverty, sickness.

“But we can increase friendship and make Luton a better place to grow old.

“That’s why we offer lunch and social clubs, telephone befriending and a meet and greet service when people come out of hospital.”

This has been an exceptionally busy week for Colette and Age Concern Luton.

Not only has the new logo been launched, but the Belfast go-getter has also played a prominent role in Local Newspaper Week and its Making a Difference theme (turn to page 17 for more information).

She’s appeared on a video saying just how much she appreciates the close bond the charity shares with the Luton News and our sister papers the Dunstable Gazette and Herald&Post, and how much this has helped raise the ACL profile.

“When we launched our new website and it was publicised in the local press, we had 700 hits the first week – that’s exceptional for a charity website, if you’re not one of the big hitters,” she says.

“We’ve also had a big upsurge in people wanting to volunteer, thanks to your amazing support. We’re not really marketing people, we don’t have that sort of budget. But you came to our rescue and started picking up on things we didn’t even realise were interesting.”

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