Sisters charity half marathon

Beejal, Hanisha and Bhavnisha
Beejal, Hanisha and Bhavnisha

Red Hot Chillis will be taking part in the Moonwalk London next month to raise money for breast cancer.

Sisters, Beejal Mistry, 26, Hanisha Lodhia, 30 and Bhavnisha Lad, 30, will be taking part in the half marathon on May 10.

Beejal said: “When giving, I believe in giving to the full with everything I have, so when the opportunity arose, the MoonWalk was so unlike me that I just had to give it a go.

“I rarely walk anywhere so it seemed like the perfect event to give back wholly by both pushing myself outside my comfort zone and also raising money while doing it.

“Hopefully the monetary impact of all those that will participate in the walk will collectively make a difference to oncology departments in hospitals, research into breast cancer, but most importantly to help raise awareness within our communities.”

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