Special Christmas deliveries at L&D

Christmas baby Fatima Gurbuz with her proud brother Ali
Christmas baby Fatima Gurbuz with her proud brother Ali

There were some very special festive deliveries at the Luton&Dunstable hospital on Christmas day.

First to arrive was bonny Maya Kruszewska at 2.34am, weighing in at 3.2 kg.

She was a beautiful baby sister for four-year-old Roksanna and a lovely Christmas present for her mum Monika, 29, and builder dad Arek, 35, who live in Hart Lane, Luton.

The couple were celebrating a traditional Polish Christmas with friends when Monika went into labour.

“We called a taxi and she was there within three minutes of getting to the hospital,” Monika said.

“She’s a very good baby. She eats and sleeps.”

Next to make an entry was 2.9 kg Fatima Gurbuz of Burnham Road, Luton.

She was three weeks early and took her Turkish parents by surprise – dad Murat, 27, was in Hemel Hempstead where he works as a chef.

“My wife Ozlem had been taken to hospital with high blood pressure,” he explained. “Fatima arrived the next day.”

Their five year-old-son Ali is thrilled to have a sister and former Ashcroft High pupil Murat says his daughter looks just like him.

Little Levi Matiusevska came in time for tea at 10.05 on Christmas morning and tipped the scales at 3.12 kg.

His 25-year-old mum Rachel of Woodgreen Close was induced after suffering from gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

“It was lovely having him at Christmas,” she said. “He’s already becoming alert and active.

“He’s really easy – he eats and sleeps a lot and is really smiley.”

Bouncy baby Samuel Osibodu interrupted his parents’ Christmas lunch when mum Olabukola realised his arrival was imminent.

“He was only due on the 28th,” she said. Her 3.4 kg son has a ready-made playmate in his seven-year-old brother and according to Olabukola of Marsh Farm he’s proving a ‘very good’ addition to the family.