The Body Shop partners Keech

Maggie Doust, Keech Hospice fundraiser, reopens the Body Shop
Maggie Doust, Keech Hospice fundraiser, reopens the Body Shop

Shoppers were treated to a look around the new layout of The Body Shop on Saturday, May 31.

The store in The Mall was reopened by Keech Hospice fundraiser, Maggie Doust.

Louise Farquharson, regional manager, said: “We wanted to celebrate our founder and what she stood for, which was interaction with customers and products.

“There are activity stations where customers can test products, we want them to enjoy shopping.”

Maggie Doust said: “At Keech we look after the person, and we believe that the body shop have the same values as us, we like everyone to feel good about themselves, it is good for us that a business like this is supporting us.”

There is a values wall behind the counter to make customers aware of what The Body Shop’s values are.

Nicola Roberts, store manager, said: “The store looks really good and we have had lots of compliments from customers on the new layout. We are really grateful for Maggie coming down to open the store for us, throughout June we will be asking customers who come in for a makeover to make a donation to Keech.”