Travellers evicted from Wigmore park

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Travellers who were camped in a Wigmore park for more than a week were evicted yesterday (Tuesday).

The group arrived on Friday, September 7, with more than 20 vehicles parking up behind Wigmore Church, between Crawley Green Road and Colwell Rise.

One resident who contacted the Luton News said: “I’ve been in touch with the council, they said they were aware of it but I was told last week that they would be off by the weekend, and they’re still there.

“The travellers tore through the metal barriers, surely that’s criminal damage?

“One of them has been going round on a quad bike and they’ve been skidding around in their cars.

“You daren’t go over there at the moment. Everyone’s so annoyed.”

A spokesman for Luton Borough Council: “We have followed our standard legal proceedings and received a court order today to evict the travellers from Colwell Rise, Wigmore, which we enforced immediately.

“The travellers have now vacated the site and the area will be cleaned and made secure as soon as possible.”