Union J through to X Factor semi-finals

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A few months ago Union J didn’t even exist, but now Stopsley singer Jaymi Hensley and his group are preparing for the semi-finals of the X Factor.

Jaymi (22), George Shelley, JJ Hamblett, and Josh Cuthbert have made it to the final four of the competition, and Jaymi’s proud mum Jackie Hensley is ecstatic.

She said the support from the group’s fans has been fantastic, and that the JCats, as they’re known, are “amazing”.

Jackie said: “The fans are completely mad, I love them. They send me messages on Twitter all the time –I know when school finishes because my phone suddenly starts going haywire. It’s amazing that the boys have got this far; we never, ever, imagined they would. They weren’t even together a few months ago.”

The fantastic four will be up against Jahmene Douglas, James Arthur and Christopher Maloney after surviving a ‘sing-off’ against Rylan Clark last weekend.

Jackie said: “I have never heard Jaymi singing like that before. It gave me goosebumps. After they sang, we just thought no way can you send them home now. Rylan is a lovely guy and the sing-off felt amicable, it was nice. Everyone always talks about how Rylan is such a gentleman and so lovely, and he really is. In the sing-off we thought, ‘Wow, he sounds amazing’. We thought; ‘No don’t be amazing now when you’re against the boys!’”

Jackie said she’s heard it’s the 30-65-year-old X Factor viewers who vote the most, which she thinks is possibly why Christopher Maloney gets such a high percentage of the votes every week.

She said: “Union J’s fans are mainly young girls, probably aged about 10-20, who haven’t got the money and means to support them. They support them in every other way, they are completely mad, but when it comes to voting they just can’t afford the phone bills. When the boys were in the bottom two last week they were sending me messages saying sorry for letting me down, but of course they hadn’t let me down at all. They are brilliant. They stand outside the boys’ hotel in their onesies and blankets to see them.”

Ex-Putteridge High School student Jaymi, who also attended The Brit School and Sylvia Young Theatre School, made a brief trip back to Luton after Sunday night’s show.

His mum said: “We brought Jaymi home with us after Sunday’s show and he was shattered. He fell asleep in the car and then went back to London at 6am.”

Luton Town Football Club have been making announcements about Jaymi and Union J during home games, and Jackie is hoping there will be increased support for Union J this week to get them into the finals.

She said: “Come on Luton, vote Union J!”