Vicar dragged from under car

Mike Jones (bottom left, pictured with family) was dragged to safety in the nick of time
Mike Jones (bottom left, pictured with family) was dragged to safety in the nick of time

A taxi driver who helped pull a badly injured vicar from underneath a car has said that it was his “duty as a Muslim”.

Zulfiqar “Zulu” Assar, 34, was driving on Castle Street on Wednesday at 2.45pm, when he heard a scream behind him.

After getting out he found Rev Mike Jones, vicar of St Mary’s Church, pinned underneath a car after he had been knocked off his bike.

Calling out for help, Mr Assar was assisted by boxer and Bannatyne’s gym fitness instructor Manny Mohammed– together the pair lifted the vehicle up and pulled Rev Jones out from underneath.

The act prevented the vicar coming to more harm, with paramedics stating that the car’s exhaust could have caused serious burns.

Mr Assar admitted that had he remained trapped, Rev Jones “could have burnt to death”.

Mr Assar told Luton News: “When we took him out his eyes looked like golf balls, blood was coming out of his mouth, he looked like a mess.

“You could see where the burns were from the exhaust which was on his skin, his trousers had melted away and skin was missing.”

Rev Jones was taken to the L&D for treatment and was “very lucky” to not sustain more serious injuries, according to ambulance officer Neil Hudson.

From his hospital bed Rev Jones tweeted that he was named the “luckiest man in the county” by an air ambulance doctor following the incident.

Mr Assar admitted he had helped as it was his “duty as a Muslim and a citizen”.

He said: “At the time I didn’t think about it, I just wanted to see what I could do to help.”