VIDEO: Excitement balloons at 21st celebrations for Bramingham Primary School

There was a spectacular sight at Bramingham Primary School on Thursday afternoon when 400 balloons were released as part of school’s 21st birthday celebrations.

Former staff – including Stephanie Noakes who opened the school in 1993 as headteacher – turned out for the day, which also included a special nostalgic assembly, talent show and evening reunion party.

The school originally opened on September 7, 1993 to 147 children, aged five to nine years old.

Present day headteacher Sharon Flowers account of the celebrations is below.

Our celebrations began with a special assembly. Our guest of honour was Stephanie Noakes who opened the school 21 years ago as headteacher.

An ex-member of staff, who is now a police officer, came to share her experiences.

Many activities took place throughout the day. Stephanie was interviewed by each class who were keen to find out about the similarities and the differences 21 years ago.

Children worked on producing tea towels to mark the occasion and some made keyrings too. At 3pm all the children went on the school field where 400 balloons were released.

It was an amazing sight, and already we have received some back – three from as far as Belgium! There are prizes for the ones that travel the furthest.

The birthday cake made by the children was delicious and took 149 eggs!

The cake was based on designs chosen, as part of a competition. After school we had a talent show which showcased the talented children we have at school and the highlight for many was when five of our teaching assistants performed as One Direction! They can be watched on YouTube, just type in ‘Talent Show, Bramingham Primary’!

The final part to the day was a wonderful party for ex pupils, their parents, ex staff – many good friendships still going strong after many years! There was a lot of pride seeing just how well ex-pupils have done…and hearing them sing, and Charlotte playing the piano for us - it was just like old times! We can’t wait for the next one!

One pupil, who could not be with us was Carli… one of our first pupils 21 years ago. She wrote us an email to share her feelings about the school, below is just a small part of what she wrote -

“I remember how kind all of our teachers were, and how much they cared for each and every child’s development.

“I could go on and on with hundreds of memories of school trips, playtime shenanigans and a whole lot more, but I reckon it’s the little things that truly shape us into the people we are today.

“I learnt many different things during my time at Bramingham, but what this extraordinary school really taught me was to be caring, to be kind. It taught me to appreciate that everybody is unique and important. Bramingham taught me how to be a happy and confident individual.

“Between the fantastic teachers, wonderful staff and incredible community of pupils, Bramingham was different because it was the school with a heart. Thank you, Bramingham Primary School, for sharing the love.”