VIDEO: Fox was not camera shy!

Inspired by a reader’s photo of a fox in St George’s Square last week, two intrepid would-be David Attenboroughs from the Luton News set out to capture the creature on video.

Video reporter Natalee Hazelwood and news editor Sally-Anne Stewart went on a pre-dawn filming mission in the hope of spotting the furry forager.

And what a surprise they got.

Far from shying away from human contact, the cheeky fox was keen to get up close to the camera – even pinching a bit of Natalee’s kit and running off with it.

They followed the animal as it trotted across St George’s Square and then captured its morning meal.

Sally-Anne said: “We couldn’t believe our luck when he was right there outside the Town Hall.

“It was fantastic to see a beautiful wild animal right in the centre of Luton.”