VIDEO: Spellbinding tale of a teenage magician

A Stopsley teenager has found the trick to overcoming his Asperger’s and ADD as he trains to be a magician.

The 16-year-old, known only as Neon the Magician, started learning magic two years ago after being inspired by magician Dynamo and now it is giving him the confidence to overcome his conditions.

Neon the magician from Luton.

Neon the magician from Luton.

Entertainment is in Neon’s blood as his father used to work as a clown.

Neon said: “I used to say to my dad, I am not going into the entertainment business, it is not what I want to do. Then when I was 14 I saw Dynamo on TV and I got this feeling that I should do magic. So from the age of 14 I was teaching myself how to take this thing that I felt I had been told to do and make it into something.”

It was Neon’s dad who bought him his first magic set.

Neon would watch Dynamo and other magicians on TV and work out how they were doing their tricks, then started practising on friends .

He said: “I went to a faith summer camp last year where I love performing, and met a friend who encouraged me to go for it and get out there.”

The Barnfield Tech student performs during his breaks at college and said he loves seeing people’s shocked faces.

He said: “What people don’t understand when I am doing my magic is that I have a disability. I show people who are disabled that they can do anything they want.

“I am living two characters; Neon, and me as myself. People who know me as Neon will never know me as that other person. Since Neon came along I have been living my life as Neon. He can socialise, he can do anything he wants.”

With some tricks up his sleeve Neon is building his confidence and performed his first official gig at the Level Trust fundraising event in December which Neon said went even better than expected.

Neon is used to a tough crowd as his mum “doesn’t really like magic”. He said: “It’s really cool when I get a trick that fools her and impresses her, because that’s when I know it’s a really good one.”

While studying ICT and business at Barnfield Tech, Neon is putting together a variety show of young magicians.

He is also hoping to inspire other young people.

He said: “My friend has Asperger’s too and she couldn’t talk to anyone but as soon as she has her guitar she can go in front of 300 people playing music. Each person has to find that one thing that can bring out their inner self. Everyone can reach their dreams. You just have to go for it.”

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