VIDEO: Taxi drivers’ strike causes “chaos”

Angry taxi drivers are on strike in Luton today (July 29), but some customers say the dispute is “causing chaos”.

Drivers from Spearhead and Go Luton taxi firms are on strike as they are being asked to pay for equipment used in their cars.

L13-917 GO and Spearhead taxi protest and strike, Marsh road, Luton

L13-917 GO and Spearhead taxi protest and strike, Marsh road, Luton

Some customers, including patients at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital, were left stranded when they found pre-booked taxis were not available to pick them up.

A spokesperson for the drivers on strike said: “We are here from Spearhead taxis and Go taxis. The management is mistreating us, charging us PDA charges, telling us to buy our own PDAs. The drivers are unhappy, the drivers are angry so we are striking.”

Suzanne Thomas called a Spearhead taxi to pick up her and her husband from the Luton and Dunstable Hospital this afternoon.

She said: “It was complete chaos. I was told my taxi had been dispatched but after waiting outside with my husband, who is very ill and only recently out of intensive care, I eventually discovered there was a strike and no taxi was coming. We were stood outside for 15 minutes waiting, it’s the last thing he needs. I think it is absolutely appalling. I am a regular customer of Spearhead and I will not be using them again. It’s inhumane. You do not strike at a hospital where lives are at risk.

“People were getting very frustrated trying to get to the taxis available, and these drivers were blocking the way and trying to prevent drivers from other firms from taking fares. There was no one in authority and the police were not there. It was appalling.”

More to follow.

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