VIDEO: There’s much more to Luton than you know

It may be far too early to start thinking about that little event on December 25, but I’ve already found the perfect gift for any Lutonian, writes Connie Primmer.

The third collected volume of Luton Haiku by Clod Magazine is a fascinating and funny compilation of haiku posted on the Luton Haiku Facebook page from 2011-2012.

Clod Magazine Luton Haiku

Clod Magazine Luton Haiku

Covering the momentous and minutiae of Luton life, the haiku are observant, insightful, and sometimes devilish in gently poking fun at the town and its inhabitants.

The haiku - which is a form of Japanese poetry using a pattern of 5-7-5 syllables split over the three lines - are a great way of looking back at the past couple of years, and if 17 syllables aren’t enough, there’s also individual contexts to explain and expand on each of the 600 haiku, plus photographs.

The authors prefer to maintain an air of mystery, but a spokesperson said: “About seven years ago we decided to put Twitter to proper use and tweet a haiku about Luton every weekday. As Luton residents who have been involved in a number of projects over the years, we knew there would be enough material to keep us going, because whatever else people say or think about the town, there’s always something going on.”

Lutonian poetry legend John Hegley is featured in the book with a hat trick of haiku covering the twice-postponed Luton Town v Ebbsfleet fixture. Find Clod Magazine on at and @lutonhaiku. The book is available from Luton museums and Shop 33, 92A High Town Road.