Volunteer for selfless service

Sewa Day voluntary group co-ordinator Ravi Shah
Sewa Day voluntary group co-ordinator Ravi Shah

It’s only been going three years, but Sewa Day – the word ‘sewa’ means selfless service in Sanskrit - has become an established event in the community.

Now national voluntary group co-ordinator Ravi Shah is looking for people keen to take part this year.

The Luton accountant, 26, said: “Sewa Day on Sunday October 6 encapsulates the concept of selfless service.

“It’s about being kind, making a difference, and not expecting a reward.

“It’s about donating time to make a positive difference to the lives of others, bringing joy to the elderly and helping not only the homeless and poor but also the environment.

“We’re calling on individuals, charity groups, businesses, schools and the council to get involved.

“We’re inviting them to ‘Be the change’ and be part of something good.”

More than 18 countries have signed up and partners include Amnesty International, UNESCO and The Big Issue.

There were 13 Sewa Day projects in Luton last year.

> For more informaton call Ravi on 07525399433 or register your project at www.sewaday.org