Hatters rated: Wrexham v Luton Town

Wrexham v Luton Town. Photos by Liam Smith. wk 38.
Wrexham v Luton Town. Photos by Liam Smith. wk 38.

Mark Tyler: 5 - No chance with either goal and was otherwise largely untroubled.

Jonathan Smith: 5.5 - Combative midfielder put in a shift without ever getting a grip on the game.

Steve McNulty: 6 - Looked solid and won plenty in the air, but didn’t get the support he needed.

Jake Howells: 5.5 - Looked lively and creative first half but sacrificed for Gray late on.

Scott Griffiths: 5 - Out of position for Wrexham’s first goal and struggled against two lively wingers.

Mark Cullen: 5 - Had a couple of presentable chances but didn’t have the impact he would have wanted.

Andrew Parry: 6 - Young defender put in a sure-footed performance and put in one great challenge to prevent a goal.

Luke Guttridge: 6 - Busy performance in the middle without ever being at his marauding best.

Shaun Whalley: 5 - A couple of positive runs but went missing for Wrexham’s second and withdrawn after an hour.

Ronnie Henry: 5 - Solid enough but walked a fine line with a couple of wild challenges.

Paul Benson: 5.5 - Feeding off scraps and isolated up front, but always looking to capitalise on errors.

Alex Wall (sub): 4 - Powerful young striker has undoubted promises but reckless high boot and stamp killed of Town’s hopes.

Alex Lawless: (sub): 5 - Showed plenty of promise as he made a welcome return after such a long lay-off.

Andre Gray (sub): 5 - Looked hungry and lively but the game was already gone.

Ratings by Mark Wood