Money ‘desperate’ for Hatters to win promotion

Richard Money and John Still
Richard Money and John Still

Cambridge United boss Richard Money wants Luton to win promotion so it will finally level the playing field amongst the rest of the Skrill Premier, writes Mike Simmonds.

During his press conference this morning, Money told the media in detail how if his U’s team aren’t crowned champions, he wants it to be his former club to give the rest of the league a fighting chance in future campaigns.

Money also went as far to label Town the Manchester City of the Conference as he said: “When I was interviewed for the job at Luton I told them I couldn’t guarantee promotion as John (Still) would have done.

“But I did guarantee them a top five place every year and the reason behind that is that if they’re in the top five every year, one they’re going to win it.

“They have the resources to make sure that happens, and it’s difficult for me to explain to people, even the media have no idea really, what 7,500 at home to Nuneaton gives you in comparison to 3,500 at home to Grimsby, second versus fifth.

“They’re the harsh facts and they also have somebody who’s prepared to do whatever’s necessary to give them the best chance.

“That’s what we’re competing against and I know that’s what we’re competing against, everybody in the league is competing against it.

“If we can’t win it, we want them to, desperately, because they need to get out of this league for the benefit of everybody else, it really is an uneven playing field.

“It’s a little like the Premier League at the minute, where everybody thinks they can win it, but everyone knows that Man City has the most money and all know that Man City have the best squad.

“It doesn’t mean we haven’t got a chance because we have and doesn’t mean that we or anybody else doesn’t have a chance, because we have.

“Up until now they (Luton) haven’t been able to win it, so we’ll keep going and we’ll keep pushing.

“It’s the same way I said to Luton directors, you’ll go up.

“That doesn’t mean to say that we don’t want to go up this year because we do, and we can and will do everything we can to try and make it happen.

“Here, people talking about at all costs. There just is no ‘at all costs’ when you’ve got Luton in this league, it’s just uncomparable, you can’t fathom it.

“It guarantees you nothing while Luton are in this league, so we have to be sensible. We have to do the best we can with the resources we’ve got and we’ll continue to do that.”

Still meanwhile, when asked about Cambridge’s home defeat against Grimsby Town on Tuesday night, admitted he wasn’t paying attention to anything happening at the U’s.

He added: “I’ve got no interest in Cambridge, seriously.

“You can drive yourself crazy waiting for other teams to play and see how they get on.

“Maybe the last knockings of the season when you think this could be really crucial, but I don’t waste my time doing it.

“I never knew the result until after the game and that was when someone told me, honestly, I don’t really focus on that.”

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