UPDATED: Still admits chance creation is a concern ahead of Dartford visit

Wrexham v Luton Town. Photos by Liam Smith. wk 38.
Wrexham v Luton Town. Photos by Liam Smith. wk 38.

Hatters boss John Still admitted chance creation for the Hatters is a concern ahead of tomorrow night’s match against lowly Dartford, writes Mark Wood.

Town have only scored five goals in eight games so far this season, picking up just 10 points along the way.

But it is the creation of goalscoring opportunities which is of biggest concern for the Town manager who revealed they have been working hard on the quality of their crossing to try and resolve it.

He said: “I’m not actually concerned about goalscoring, I’m more concerned about goal creating.

“If I looked at the last group of games and said he’s missed two, he’s missed three... I can’t really think of players really missing because I’m not sure we’ve created enough goalscoring opportunities.

“We’ve been working really hard on that in training, but I’m not sure that I’ve got people missing goalscoring opportunities, I’m not sure we’re making enough opportunities.”

On how he would look to rectify the problem, he continued: “Working hard on the training ground. If you look at people’s capabilities, if people are safe drivers and have three accidents on the trot you think normally he’s a safe driver, he’s a safe driver, he’s a safe driver.

“You don’t sort of think to yourself, he always has accidents because he’s gone three, four, five, six years and never had an accident and all of a sudden... So there’s normally a reason for it.

“And football’s no different to any other business. If I look at Jon Shaw, I know Jon Shaw didn’t score an awful amount of goals last year, Jon’s always been a goalscorer, Paul Benson’s always been a goalscorer, Andre Gray will score goals, Alex Wall will score goals.

“So I actually think we’ve got people to score goals, but it’s the creativity side of it, from them themselves as well, they have to have an input in that.

“I don’t think it’s just we are not scoring goals, are we creating enough goalscoring opportunities?”

And he’s looking for Luton to improve their crossing and for their creative players to come to the fore.

“The one thing that hasn’t been good in our game is that we’re not putting the right cross in at the right time from good crossing areas,” added Still.

“Hitting the first defender, or hitting it too big, hitting it not big enough, so we’ve done quite a bit of work in the last couple of weeks if I’m being honest in those areas.

“And we hope that it improves. We hope that the players that we do believe have genuine quality to provide chances, Jake Howells, Dave Martin, although he’s been out, Alex Lawless, Shaun Whalley, Luke Guttridge, we’re hoping that those people that have a history of being providers provide that.

“Do you blame the person that fires the gun or do you blame the person that loads the gun? If the gun’s not loaded you can’t fire it.

“We’re not scoring, but it’s not necessarily just down to the centre forwards. “