Goodbye to long-serving club secretary

'Mrs Luton Town' leaves Hatters by mutual consent

The departure of long-serving Luton Town club secretary Cherry Newbery was finally confirmed by the Kenilworth Road outfit on April 29.

Newbery, who has been suspended on full pay since January, left the club by mutual consent following protracted negotiations.

Director Stephen Browne said: "Cherry has been a longstanding and highly valued member of staff for many years and we are all extremely grateful for all that she has done for the club. We wish her well."

Newbery is a well-known figure at Kenilworth Road, having joined the club in 1978 and served as club secretary since 1994.

She served under numerous boards, chairmen and managing directors, but was infamously implicated as the employee who drew the FA's attention to the fact that former directors were paying agents through a holding company.

That revelation resulted in the FA deducting them 10 points this season, and played a large part in Hatters' relegation as they were also hit with a 20-point penalty by the Football League for not exiting administration properly.

Hatters' new custodians LTFC2020 have done their best to stabilise the club, but have still experienced plenty of problems during their relegation season.

Administrational problems have resulted in fines for the club, while a clerical issue meant that the club were briefly imposed with a transfer embargo in January.

Chairman of Luton Town Supporters' Club Kevin Barrett, though, believes her departure leaves plenty of unanswered questions and believes no-one will ever know the 'full story'.

He said: "It's disappointing she has left without any send off or public acknowledgement of the effort she has put in over the years.

"We don't really know enough detail, but reading between the lines, I don't think we are going to find out any great detail.

"A lot of the fans know the heartache Cherry went through in the administrations and the ups and downs.

"For a long time she was Mrs Luton Town and held everything together, but there is a new regime in place.

"I don't believe a new regime means everything has to change, they need to make on the spot decisions about what is best for the club going forward.

"It will leave a lot of questions that will never get answered, but the club is bigger than one individual and will continue to move on."

Earlier, while Newbery was on gardening leave, managing director Gary Sweet said: "We are never going to discuss individuals and we never will.

"Personal details of individual members will always remain private as they have done since we've taken over."

We contacted Newbery's legal representatives but they didn't return our call.