Lesley’s having a Hot Flush!

Lesley Joseph and Matt Slack are appearing in Hot Flush! at Dunstable's Grove Theatre

Lesley Joseph and Matt Slack are appearing in Hot Flush! at Dunstable's Grove Theatre

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And now for some good news - the irrepressible Lesley Joseph (aka Dorien in Birds of a Feather) is starring in Hot Flush! at Dunstable’s Grove Theatre next month.

The show is described as the naughtiest comedy musical in town and the ultimate girl’s night out.

The actress – whose loveable slappers are legendary – can’t wait to strut her stuff as Myra, one of four feisty menopausal women.

The quartet get together every Tuesday to offer each other moral support and a shoulder to cry on while maligning the men in their lives – all 15 of whom are played by Matt Slack.

Lesley explained: “Myra’s middle-aged and frustrated, Her husband’s gone off with a bimbo and, like a lot of women her age, she’s trying to find a new life for herself.”

She confessed: “I’ve done it twice before and I just couldn’t resist doing it again. It’s got music, drama, stand-up and review.

“But the main thing is it’s very, very funny. I do like a comedy – once you’ve got that first laugh you’re fine.”

She adores the theatre but is equally at home on film, radio and TV.

The 69-year-old star said: “I like the mix and it helps with longevity as far as the career is concerned. I’ve been lucky – the older I get, the more I’m being offered.”

She plans to continue as long as she’s still getting work, still enjoying it and people still want to see her.

The woman who never discusses her private life did reveal she intends taking a break. “I’m going somewhere very hot for a very very long time,” she said.

> Hot Flush! is on Wednesday, March 26. Book your ticket on 01582 602080.

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