Pledge to help Music 24 project

Luton singer songwriter Teela Hughes of Music 24

Luton singer songwriter Teela Hughes of Music 24

Take three talented performers – a drummer with limited arm movement following a brain injury, a blind keyboard player and a guitarist who’s lapsed after alcohol abuse rehab.

Add a community company keen to set up a project working with musicians with various issues and hey presto - you have Music 24 – The Experience, a 20 week community programme.

Teela Hughes, 27 of Lewsey Farm and Graeme Davis, 52, of Kempston are co-founders of award-winning group First Note.

They hope their new venture will show how music positively affects wellbeing and quality of life.

Teela said: “When people have daily challenges and complex health problems, nothing can be certain.

“We’re currently looking to source two other group members from local health and social sectors.

“We want to work with those who are facing a range of complications, such as as autism, physical or learning disabilities, dementia and many more.”

She and Graeme need to raise more than £6,000 to get the project off the ground and are appealing for support.

She said: “Please help us try to make a difference.”

If you can help, visit www.kickstarter.com




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