Anisha lights up game show with her Luton lilt

Anisha Khetia from Luton on Take Me Out

Anisha Khetia from Luton on Take Me Out

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A student from Luton saw off 40,000 other girls to bag a spot on the Saturday night institution Take Me Out.

Anisha Khetia, 22, makes her entrance on the dating show on this weekend’s episode.

The ex-Putteridge High School student made such an impression on presenter Paddy McGuinness that the comedian, who is known for his strong Lancashire accent, ended up doing an impression of her Lutonian twang.

Anisha said: “There was this really posh guy and I told him he had a posh accent. Then I said, ‘But I am from Luton so that’s why you sound posh to me.’ So Paddy did a chavvy voice saying ‘I’m from Luton’. It was so embarrassing, I hope they edit it out, but it was funny.”

Take Me Out sees 30 girls presented with a single man who tries to woo them with his looks, charm and talents.

If the girls like what they see, they keep their lights on, but if they don’t fancy him, they switch them off - hence Paddy’s catchphrase: “No likey, no lighty.” At the end of each round the single man gets his pick of the girls who have left their lights on, to whisk them away for a date on the Isle of Fernando’s – aka Tenerife.

Anisha, who studies business at Central Beds College, said: “It was so exciting filming the show. We were staying in a hotel and every day we had our hair and make-up done at 8.30am before filming until 11.30pm, for a whole week. It was so tiring but so much fun.

“All the girls were so lovely. We became so close and are still in contact now.”

Anisha can’t reveal if she gets a date on the show, but she did say she is single now. She said she has always been a big fan of Take Me Out and is enjoying watching this series – as is her “very excited” mum.

Anisha said: “I never thought I would get to go on it. It was my best friend who suggested I apply for a laugh back in May but I didn’t hear I’d got chosen until November. They said 40,000 girls applied so I never thought it would be a girl from a small town like me. The experience was even better than I expected, I loved it.”

>See Anisha on ITV at 8.15pm on Saturday.