Free audiobooks through Listening Books charity

Many of us take reading books for granted. But what if you have an illness or disability that makes reading challenging? How do you relax with a good book then?

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Wednesday, 1st September 2021, 10:40 am
Illness or disability can make reading challenging – but free memberships are available
Illness or disability can make reading challenging – but free memberships are available

Audiobooks can be a great way to continue having access to books when reading or holding a print book is impacted by reasons as varied as dyslexia, a long-term physical condition, or depression and anxiety.

Listening Books is a national charity who provide an audiobook library service for anyone who finds that an illness, disability, learning difficulty or mental health condition impacts on reading print or holding books.

Their library has over 9,000 audiobooks including bestselling authors such as J. K. Rowling, George R. R. Martin, Lee Child, Jojo Moyes, Hilary Mantel, and many more. Audiobooks are available to download through an app available for most tablets and smartphones, to stream online, or sent direct through the letterbox on MP3 CD with no postage costs or late fees.

They currently have free memberships available for anyone living in Bedfordshire who would like to join the service but would not be able to cover the standard membership fees of between £20 and £45 per year.

There’s no financial proof needed, but they do ask for a self-declaration that the cost would be a barrier to joining.

“As a child I always enjoyed being told stories, but when it came to reading books I really struggled,” said Derek, a Listening Books member. “The effort it took to read a book stopped me from being able to enjoy them and put me off.

“When I was 12, I was diagnosed with dyslexia and as I got older I started to read more books, but I would struggle to read them and it took a lot of concentration.

“Listening Books has allowed me to access many books and stories I would have never been able to read. My life and understanding of the world has been increased thanks to the audiobooks I have listened to. I have also had many hours of enjoyment listening to audiobooks and had many opportunities to discuss books with other people.

“I can’t really imagine what life would be like without Listening Books!”

For more information or to become a member, please visit their website or call 020 7407 9417.

Or you can contact Claire Gosden by emailing [email protected]