Cute new arrival at safari park

If you’re after some animal magic this Easter, then why not head on over to Woburn Safari Park?

This spring is a great time to visit to catch a glimpse of the new arrivals to the park.

With three new ring-tailed lemur babies, three eland calves, three oryx calves, two heavily pregnant Rothschild giraffes and several pregnant Barbary macaques you never know what you might see!

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Land of Lemurs, in the foot safari has been buzzing with excitement as three fuzzy new faces arrived.

Ring-tailed lemur female Koko was first to give birth, followed by Kirindy who gave birth to twins, both are first- time mums.

Male Lemur Berenti, is father to all three of the babies, as he is the only breeding male in the group.

Following the success last year, the keepers at Woburn Safari Park are delighted to have three more eland calves.

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Eland are the largest of the eight species of antelope living at Woburn and they are well known for having a powerful leap of up to eight feet from standing. All of the Eland herd will be instinctually protective towards the calves and having three calves born close together, will mean that they will form a small crèche, playing and resting together.

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