Dare you go on a Dino Adventure?

Head down to Knebworth House on Sunday (May 25) for an incredible day-out of prehistoric proportions.

Thursday, 22nd May 2014, 5:00 pm

Experience the prehistoric world of the dinosaurs at Knebworth House Dino Adventure with amazing hands-on Dino Animal Encounters throughout the day.

Aspiring palaeontologists and brave explorers can conquer our special dinosaur trail, travelling back in time to face the 72 life-sized dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures! Amongst the trees you might even spot triceratops having a snack, a long-necked giant reaching up for a leaf or maybe even the ultimate predator, T-Rex.

The Ventura Wildlife Rangers will help you hunt for hidden fossils at the Dino-Dig Paleontological Site. Using specialist tools, they will show you the techniques required to make the greatest finds.

There will also be some dinosaur artefacts to see including; giant claws and teeth (including those from giant carnivores Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus-Rex), giant egg replicas from Oviraptor and the world largest egg from the giant Hypselosaurus, as well as many stunning dinosaur models.

Visitors will have hands-on experiences with the reptilian relatives on the dinosaurs, our snakes, lizards and tortoises. Meet the relatives of the amphibians who shared this prehistoric world and get close to one of the incredible descendants of the dinosaurs, a magnificent owl.

The adventurers who complete the Knebworth dinosaur trail quiz and find all the dino eggs will be able to claim a reward. Trail sheets are available for only £1 from the gift shop (in addition to admission). When you have completed the trail, there are some fun craft activities to tackle too.

Look out for the Knebworth Dinosaur during the day.

Martha Lytton Cobbold, from Knebworth House, said: “The Ventura Wildlife Team make this a really fun family day – I’m looking forward to seeing what reptilian ‘dinosaurs’ they will bring along this year!

“However, if you can’t make it to Knebworth on Sunday 25th May you can still explore the Knebworth Dinosaur Trail in the Garden which is open every day for the holidays.”

For more information see www.knebworthhouse.com.