Marvin will get us in the mood at the office party

Marvin Gaye’s 1980s hit Sexual Healing has been voted the song most likely to get office party goers in trouble this Christmas.

More than 1000 members of the UK’s leading married dating site were asked which 80s love song would lead them into a potential pickle if played at your office Christmas do as part of a larger study into Christmas party behaviour.

Both men and women agreed that Sexual Healing was the song that was most likely to lead them to getting frisky with a co-worke.

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Mike Taylor of said: “At Christmas parties people are surrounded by people they work with and sometimes form close bonds.

“Adding to that, alcohol is flowing freely, guards are down and people are relaxed and uninhibited. This is when the DJ is likely to influence your actions with their choice of music.

“ It isn’t surprising that Sexual Healing topped our poll – a survey by Yahoo Music back in 2006 voted it as the best song to have sex to.

“However we would warn against getting overly close to a colleague as in a recent study, over 80 per cent of employers admitted that having an office based romance would affect the career prospects of those involved. ”

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The second placed song for men was George Michael’s number 1 hit Careless Whisper and the women voted for the classic ballad Take My Breath Away by Berlin, featured in the movie TopGun, as their runner up.

Other songs that ranked high on the list of ‘danger music’ this Christmas are Whitesnake’s Is This Love? Chris de Burgh’s Lady in Red and Foreigner’s Waiting For A Girl Like You.

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