REVIEW: Abigail’s party at MK Theatre

Get transported back to suburban 1977 in Mike Leigh’s classic Abigail’s Party running at MK Theatre, writes guest reviewer Alison Devlin.

Hannah Waterman stars in Abigail's Party
Hannah Waterman stars in Abigail's Party

Starring the fantastic Hannah Waterman as party-thrower housewife Beverly, Leigh gives us an insight into the dynamics of different relationships. Whether it be the host and her husband Laurence (Martin Marquez), the newly wed couple Angela (Katie Lightfoot) and her husband Tony (Samuel James) from down the street or divorcee Sue (Emily Raymond) from across the road, Beverly gathers them all the same room and sets the fireworks off.

The quick and witty comedy has some intense moments of drama and is relatable for the married couples and parents.

Mostly, this play demonstrates the truth that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Be it the quiet husband Tony sitting in the arm chair with pent up rage or the sexually frustrated housewife Beverly expressing herself through the music of Demis Roussos (bringing about the most comedic scene in the whole evening).

Leigh establishes that no relationship is perfect and until something significant happens and you finally realise what your other half means.

If you prefer more vocal and symbolist theatre than I highly recommend Abigail’s Party.

Especially with it starring Waterman as she pulls off Beverly’s character to an absolute tee! Her portrayal of the frustrated and wanna-be glamorous character will leave you in stitches. “Do you know what I mean?”

Abigail’s Party is running at Milton Keynes Theatre until May 18.

For tickets call the box office 0844 871 7652 or go online keynes.