Students star in TV Freshers show

Students at the University of Bedfordshire star in a new documentary which was broadcast for the first time on ITV2 last night.

Freshers starts on ITV2 this week
Freshers starts on ITV2 this week

Freshers follows first-year students from Luton and Bedford campuses as they settle in to their new lives at university.

The programme features Luton lad Forrest, 18, as he moves away from home to study English, along with Anita, 20, from London, Abbie, 19, from Essex, Jay C, 18, from London, and Bayleigh, 18, from Colchester.

There was a special screening of the show in Luton SUB2 for students who may have spotted themselves caught on camera, too.

The first programme tracks the students’ progress as they move in to halls, meet new friends and experience their first nights out in Luton and Bedford.

Flung together with a bunch of total strangers in a new town, far away from home and forced to look after themselves, the new students face a complete culture shock.

From the unparalleled highs to the unexpected lows, Freshers will explore the reality of university. The production company behind the show also made Idiot Abroad and Hotel Of Mum and Dad.