Review: High School Musical is a high-energy treat in Luton

Nova Horley reviews High School Musical, presented by the Griffin Players at Luton Library Theatre

Friday, 26th July 2019, 11:12 am

Always a fun show, the conflict in school between sport, science and theatre creates a good basis for relationships and we saw an energetic confident cast in this version. Everyone gave their all, their enjoyment and enthusiasm communicated itself to the audience

Luke Murphy (director - first time for a musical) made sure the whole cast were involved and integrated, with some good directorial decisions. Well done.

Lighting was good, but the sound balance sometimes unreliable.

Musically Charlotte Tabert had the cast at a very high standard, with some lovely harmonies particularly from Troy and Gabriella - I enjoyed the musicality within the show.

Kyra Spratley (first time choreographer) gave us first rate routines, modern and edgy, but in keeping.

Costumes were all good, as was the set.

Daniel Hayward (Troy) did an excellent job - this young man has matured into a fine performer, both acting and singing.

Freya Spratley (Gabriella) showed strength and fragility, and singing really well. Daniel and Freya created a lovely relationship.

Amy Farrar (Sharpay) was spiteful and feisty - she threw herself into the part I loved what she did with it. A spot-on portrayal. Jerome Leon (Ryan) gave a good portrayal that was a direct contrast to Sharpay – excellent work.

Tim Hayden (Coach) and Peri Lynn (Ms Darbus) gave their parts conviction.

Lucy Farrar (Kelsi) was shy and retiring, a a good contrast, but one where she was noticed. Nicely done.

Phoebe Copas, Cheyenne Downer, Molly Doherty, Maddy Till, Saxon Hayden and Rajesh Chauhan played support parts very well - they all made the characters their own, with good energy.

The ensemble Sinead Crampsie, Elise Harriman, Kyra Spratley, Charlotte Lovelock, Niall McGeady, Holli Wheeler, Ben Donnelly, Ellie Turton and Caitlin McGeady were all great.

In all, a good cast, who all interacted well, giving good performances with loads of confidence and self-assurance.

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