Review: Jack Dee delivers for Dunstable’s Grove Theatre

Jack Dee at Grove TheatreJack Dee at Grove Theatre
Jack Dee at Grove Theatre
As the legendary stand-up comedian Jack Dee took to the stage at Dunstable’s Grove theatre it was only a matter of seconds before the whole place erupted with laughter.

The 52-year-old comedian excels at being grumpy with his dry and witty sense of humour delivered with a deadpan tone.

And after a six year absence from touring, it’s clear to say after Tuesday, he certainly hasn’t lost his touch.

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The English comedian, who has appeared on shows such as QI, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, 8 out of 10 Cats and Have I Got News For You, has the ability to lure you in with his effortlessly simple act as he talks about family life, working on the road, and day to day moans.

His jokes aren’t outrageous. There are few, if any, controversial moments that make you squirm in your chair as you wonder if someone in the room has been offended and is planning on storming out.

Instead, Jack takes the audience on a journey through a week that has gone bad to worse for him; and it’s here that he brings up the premise behind the title of his new DVD ‘Jack Dee: So What? Live’.

As he talks about his new app (that replies to every message received on a person’s phone simply saying ‘so what’) he highlights the irrelevance of modern society’s need to tell everyone everything about their life.

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The comic, who is not exactly known for his upbeat and cheerful personality, delivers his act in an undeniably laid back fashion; only occasionally walking across the stage to stretch his legs.

His performance is a stark contrast to comedians such as Lee Mack who puts blood, sweat and tears into parading around the stage in a slapstick humour and Michael McIntyre who enjoys making his hair bounce.

But that’s Jack Dee. For someone who has spent the last quarter of century in the industry, he knows that for him it’s not about the energetic performance; it’s about doing what he does best.

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