The laughs now arriving...

Pan-Am was one of the best-known names in world aviation until the company fell to earth more than 20 years ago.

But jumble up the letters a bit, and Pam Ann is still reaching for the skies.

She’ll be touching down at the Alban Arena in St Albans on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, scheduled for an 8pm arrival time.

This outrageous air hostess is the over the top creation of Australian comedy performer Caroline Reid, who really throws herself into the role of a gutsy curvaceous air-hostess who just doesn’t know when to put the brakes on her cutting comments.

If you can imagine a cross between Dame Edna Everage and Katie Price you won’t be too far wrong, and if you like the idea then you’re in good company – Pam has toured with Cher, crewed private jets for Elton John and Madonna is a huge fan.

The venue is offering economy tickets for £20, business class for £23 and first class for £26. Visit for more.