‘Chaotic’ Dunstable care home is placed in special measures


Ashton Lodge placed in special measures after

inspectors uncover ‘substantial safeguarding’ issues

The Care Quality Commission visited Ashton Lodge in Ashton Road, after reports of a “substantiated safeguarding concern”.

Inspectors reported concerns with potential infection control, no emergency plan, chaotic documents and record keeping, and that staff did not always treat people in respect.

In the report, inspectors said they were told if the home had to be evacuated, residents would go to the company’s other two homes and if these were full “they would look to accommodate people at the homes of members of staff.

“At this point they said the Local Authority would be contacted.”

Inspectors also noted members of staff leaving people’s rooms still wearing gloves and aprons.

“We entered another person’s bedroom as a member of staff was leaving the room still wearing gloves.

“They had just supported another person with their personal care needs.

“We found dirty tissues on the floor, we later returned to this room and the dirty tissues were still on the floor. We visited one person’s room and found one of their prescribed creams had brown staining on the packaging of this product. It had not been removed.”

A bin in a communal toilet used to dispose of used continence products was not emptied but later in the day inspectors found someone had sprayed a deodorant to mask the smell.

Communal toilets were not regularly flushed despite staff being around.

“Staff had been entering and leaving this room to assist people but these cleanliness issues had not been addressed,” inspectors said.Other issues included the medicine cabinet not always kept secure, and prescribed creams which needed to be at a certain temperature to be effective, were not stored correctly.

But inspectors also found residents and their families felt safe with staff.

A relative said: “I feel [relative] is safe here and cannot wander off. There is beautiful secluded garden which is walled in.”

The care home, run by Resicare Ltd, is registered to provide care for 54 people who are living with dementia and long term conditions.

A spokesman for Resicare said they were challenging the report and that there was lots of inadequate information in it.