‘Come out of your ivory tower Arriva Luton and stop buses being late’

A disgruntled passenger has slammed Arriva Luton, claiming several bus services are either late or fail to turn up.

The man contacted the Herald &Post regarding bus numbers 24, 25 and 26, arguing that the services needed better management.

He alleged: “The first thing Arriva did was to change the timetables and remove the 26 from the [24/25] route.

“But I think that Arriva has forgotten that this service route has three colleges - Luton Sixth Form, and both Barnfield College sites.

Credit: Arriva.

“The buses never run to the schedule,” he claimed. “On June 11, students waited for the 10.50am [24/25] Silver Street bus that never arrived. In fact it had been taken out because the next bus didn’t arrive until 11.20am.

“Explain that one to the colleges. Students might be turning up late for exams!

“In the early afternoon the 16.23 [24/25] - which I call the ghost- as usual never arrived.

“I’m not sure why this is shown on the bus schedule?

“Arriva put a substitute bus in its place that arrived 10 minutes later. We could see the bus waiting at a bus stop in Barnfield Road.

“Passengers got soaking wet waiting for it to do a 360 around a roundabout and come back up Barnfield Road to do the inward journey to the interchange.

“Why don’t the management come out of their ivory towers and see the service they are giving passengers?”

Linsey Frostick, general manager, Arriva Luton: “We are aware of some issues still being experienced by the users of the 24 and 25 services.

“We have now met the colleges on the route to establish a better timetable which will be introduced in September. At some point this year we are also hoping to upgrade the fleet.

“If any customers have ongoing problems, we would ask them to send in the full details of the journey and we can investigate in full. We apologise for any delays and we look forward to providing a better service in the future.”