Enforcement teams target two Luton streets follows numerous complaints from residents and businesses

Action day involved 30 officers and could soon be repeated

Tuesday, 23rd November 2021, 4:11 pm
Updated Tuesday, 23rd November 2021, 4:12 pm

A day of action on two Luton streets has resulted in a string of enforcement action being taken against individuals and companies.

More than 30 officers from Beds Road Policing team, the fire service, the Inland Revenue, and council teams involved in planning, housing enforcement and parking, descended on Arundel Road and Selbourne Road on Thursday.

The multi-agency action came after numerous complaints from residents and businesses.

Cars were removed for illegal parking

Tony Ireland, Luton Council Strategic Regulatory Manager for Neighbourhood Services, said the event had received a good response from residents, local councillors and businesses in the area.

"People have said it has been a very positive event," he said. "We will be looking at doing action days again."

Action taken included the closure of a strap metal dealers, a fire closure notice on a company, several parking tickets issued, seven vehicles removed for illegal parking, or being untaxed or abandoned, a number of duty of care cases dealt with and three section 34 household waste notices issued, several premises were found to not be registered for business rates, and a number of issues for further consideration over planning permission.

The move was praised on Facebook. One poster said: "Good work. It's always a nightmare driving through this area. I think that this action needs to be followed up on a regular basis because after the last visits a few days later and the situation was the same . Double parked cars are a norm round there . If the business along that stretch of the road don't comply then maybe a red zone with cameras would be the right solution for them."

Some of the enforcement team

Another said: "About time that road is disgusting and you can't even walk up the path, if the building isn't big enough and you have to park 20 cars on the road then get a bigger unit. Red route the road or no parking at all with a 30 minute drop off/unloading."

One company added: 'This has made my day being my business, Maxi Abs fitness is on Arundel Road, top end nr Dunstable Rd and very affected by inconsiderate parking and use of roads, storing cars and dumping them for months upon months , Today there was more parking available for customers. Happy days, thank you!!!!"