Fury as petrol price rises catch out desperate motorists near Dunstable

Claims garages have raised fuel prices due to panic buying

By Lynn Hughes
Tuesday, 28th September 2021, 12:12 am
Updated Tuesday, 28th September 2021, 12:14 am

A motorist has slammed moves by local petrol stations to dramatically raise prices during the current fuel crisis as "daylight robbery".

He had been trying to get diesel for his wife's car, to allow her to get to work as an A&E nurse, along the A5 at Kensworth when he noticed prices at the Gulf Garage had risen from £1.43 per litre to £1.49 an hour later.

The garage also had a queue of around 20 cars waiting to get in, causing traffic problems on the A5.

A sign at the Gulf petrol station. Photo: Tony Margiocchi

He said: "I tried filling my wife's car with fuel and he would not serve me as I mentioned the price bouncing and wanted me to go. My poor wife who is an A&E nurse in Peterborough Hospital had been left no fuel and no way of getting to work."

He managed to finally find an outlet serving diesel but said other garages along the route had also put their prices up.

"It shouldn't be allowed, it's daylight robbery," he said. "Tensions were high and when they put their prices up as well I thought it was dreadful."

The price rises comes as motorists continue to hunt for petrol supplies.

Bedfordshire Police say they have received a number of calls relating to traffic in certain areas of the county due to queues at petrol stations.

A spokesman said: "Traffic jams do not need to be reported to us unless they risk causing harm to pedestrians or other road users.

"Please only buy petrol if you need it. If you are queuing to buy petrol, we would ask that you make sure that you are not blocking roads while queuing, it’s important that emergency vehicles are able to pass at all times".

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue also warned of the dangers of hoarding fuel.

A spokesman said: "Our Prevention Team would like to remind you that it is not recommended that you store quantities of fuel within your shed or garage.

"Unleaded petrol can go stale in as little as one month so storing large quantities may actually cost you more money in the long run.

"Fuel and fuel vapour, are highly flammable, explosive and toxic, incorrect storage and handling can have fatal consequences".

HSE official guidelines state that you can legally store a combined limit of up to 30 litres of petrol or diesel fuel at a domestic residence or non-workplace premises in the UK.

Luton and Dunstable residents have taken to social media to complain about the situation. One said: Needed diesel over the weekend but stayed at home. Popped out today at 11am thinking the majority of people would have filled up and went to every petrol station from Sainsbury's Dunstable to Sainsbury's Bramingham (around 7 in total) and got nothing. The traffic was so bad in Bramingham that to get back to work, I had to go via Streatley!! I have 23 miles left........ Utterly ridiculous."

Another said: "As a support worker [who] visits client I don’t think I can this week due to my car is on 8miles petrol left so will have to stay home and poor clients not able to get support because of them panic people buying fuel probably for not going to work!!!"

But another said: "Popped out to offer some biscuits to people queuing on Newbold Road. It's a mad world, but try and be kind".

Gulf Oil have been approached for comment.

Have you spotted prices being put up? Email [email protected]