Here’s what yobs cost businesses each year

New research has spotlighted the crippling impact of yob culture on businesses in the East of England, which cost £8.2 million in 2011 and is expected to cost a staggering ten times more in 2012

The research shows that only three per cent of businesses in the region were affected by yob culture in 2011.

But the cost to businesses is set to rise from an average of over £1,000 last year for each affected business to more than £10,000 this year – a staggering rise of more than 800 per cent.

The figures from RSA, the UK’s largest commercial insurer, reveals that yob culture is a growing issue.

The study examined the impact of yob culture on businesses across the UK in 2011, including petty theft, broken windows and doors, graffiti, littering and intimidation or harassment. It also looks at the anticipated impact of yob culture this year.

RSA managing director Jon Hancock said: “This research shows that yob culture is having a tangible and negative impact on businesses in the East of England. Whether it’s petty theft, broken windows, intimidation and harassment or graffiti, honest businesses of all sizes and types right across the country are footing the bill for what is socially unacceptable behaviour.

“The importance of businesses preparing for the risks they face and having the right level of protection in place should not be underestimated.

“This research shows that businesses in the East of England expect yob culture to cost them more this year, so I would encourage all employers to carefully consider how they can protect themselves in order to safeguard the future welfare of their business.”