Luton-based video game publisher releases classic 80s games on Nintendo Switch

Did you play of these when they were first released?
Hidden Gems cover. Picture: Pixel Games UKHidden Gems cover. Picture: Pixel Games UK
Hidden Gems cover. Picture: Pixel Games UK

A Luton-based video games publisher has released a collection of classic games on Nintendo Switch.

Last week, Pixel Games UK put its first game on the popular Nintendo Switch games console. Hidden Gems: Volume One is a collection of four classic Commodore 64 games, which were originally released in the 1980s. This first collection includes N.O.M.A.D., Gilligan’s Gold, Mutant Monty and Horace Goes Skiing.

The games have been published by Pixel Games UK and developed by Imagine Software Ltd. Hidden Gems: Volume One is available to be digitally downloaded via the Nintendo eShop. The games feature filter options, including an retro-style filter, and instant rewinds for players.

Nick Tiseo the MD of Imagine Software: “We are very pleased to have this first release on Nintendo Switch, and we are excited for the future of our extensive pipeline of games also in development.”

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