Luton company's ventilator to be produced en masse after UK government orders 30,000 models in coronavirus battle

A Luton technology firm has allowed its state-of-the-art ventilator to be produced en masse after the government ordered 30,000 models to help protect the public from coronavirus.

By Stewart Carr
Thursday, 26th March 2020, 12:16 am
Updated Thursday, 26th March 2020, 12:18 am

Smiths Group, based at Bramingham Business Park, is ramping up production of its PARAPAC Plus ventilators, with 5,000 expected to be made within two weeks.

The company is at the centre of a consortium to deliver the government's target of 30,000 ventilators over the coming months,

The impact of coronavirus has created a worldwide shortage for ventilators.

A paramedic uses the PARAPAC Plus ventilator on a patient

Andrew Reynolds Smith, CEO of Smiths, said: “During this time of national and global crisis, it is our duty to assist in the efforts being made to tackle this devastating pandemic.

"I have been inspired by the hard work undertaken by our employees to achieve this aim. We are doing everything possible to substantially increase production of our ventilators at our Luton site and worldwide.

"Alongside this we are at the centre of the UK consortium working to set up further sites to materially increase the numbers available to the NHS and to other countries impacted by this crisis.”

Smiths is also in talks with manufacturers in the US and other countries to produce the model around the world.

The PARAPEC Plus ventilator can save lives

In addition to increasing its own production, Smiths will play a central role in the new 'Industrial Consortium' being formed by the government.

Smiths will provide IP and technical advice, and make available its PARAPAC Plus ventilator to other manufacturers in the consortium, in order to create additional UK sites and supply chains.