Luton singer-songwriter Ilyssa Elektra releases new EP Party Girl

A Luton singer-songwriter is proud to release her debut EP and can’t wait to create a spark in the town’s music scene.

Thursday, 20th June 2019, 10:54 am
Ilyssa will be performing at the People Power Passion event in July to mark 100 years since the peace day riots.

Destiny Bright, known as Ilyssa Elektra, is introducing Party Girl, which she produced and recorded in her home studios and has been 11 years in the making.

Ilyssa started writing the songs for the album when she was just 22, and now at 33, she is thrilled that her patience and hard work have paid off.

Ilyssa said: “I wanted to give my all to this project and had about 100 songs finished from beginning to end.

“I was originally being so meticulous - ‘does this song fit with that one?’ But in the end I just picked eight at random - and it worked!”

Ilyssa describes her music style as akin to Beyoncé and Rihanna, and her two favourite songs from the album are Polo and Alcohol.

Polo is a satirical track, which mocks youngsters who shop at Primark - and then pretend that their clothes are from somewhere else - while Alcohol is an emotional piece about the break down of a relationship and having the will not to turn to the bottle.

Lutonians may recognise Ilyssa’s work, as she usually performs on Thursdays in either The Well or the Black Horse, and has found a new home in Luton.

Ilyssa said: “I’m really loving it here. It’s got a big shopping mall, it’s quite built up with the airport, the university - there’s a lot of young people walking round. I like it because of the vibes I guess.”

Ilyssa was born in Yorkshire and grew up in Essex, studying music at GCSE and A-level, and then at The University of West London.

Party Girl is on music platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, and Tidal.

You can also search @IlyssaElektra on Instagram or search ‘Ilyssa Elektra’ on Facebook.