Merry Christmas, have a £50k rise!

NEW ROLE: Robin Porter
NEW ROLE: Robin Porter

THE assistant chief executive at Luton Borough Council will receive a bumper pay rise in his Christmas stocking after cuts to the authority’s corporate directors saw him promoted.

Robin Porter’s role has been merged with that of the director of customer and corporate services, Steve Heappey, after the council agreed more cuts to senior management.

Securing the new ‘director of commercial and transformation services’ post will see 38-year-old Mr Porter’s salary rise from the current £65,000 to £72,000 range to the £111,000 to £122,000 range commanded by the council’s existing corporate directors.

He is currently in charge of the council’s cost-cutting ‘Luton Excellence’ strategy, a role he took on after heading up the authority’s £200 million Building Schools for the Future project, which was scrapped by the government last summer.

He was also in charge of the £26 million Luton Aquatic Centre swimming pool project.

Mr Porter said: “I am delighted to have secured this new role. My priority moving forward will be to help the council meet its huge financial challenges while making sure we continue to put the needs of Luton’s people first at all times.”

And it’s not all bad news for Mr Heappey – as he is 55 the council’s severance terms mean he is entitled to start claiming his local government pension.

Mr Heappey, who has been with the council for nearly 10 years and will leave in April, said: “I have really enjoyed these nearly ten years at the council, working with a talented team to serve the people and businesses of the town.

“We have worked hard at delivering efficiency savings and improving our services in challenging times and I am very proud to have been part of all that the team has achieved.”