Att10tive delivers its 100th workshop to Luton schools and colleges

Luton’s main provider of interactive educational workshops Att10tive Social Enterprise CIC has delivered its 100th workshop across the town, in February 2024.
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Att10tive, whose mission is to Engage, educate and empower whose most popular workshops cover Life skills, Employability skills, Leadership skills and tackling gang crime and knife crime, these workshops are called Taking the Right Path & Solutions.

Att10tive which is supported by Luton Councils Youth Partnership Service and BLCF works across the town in community centres, schools and colleges. What makes the Att10tive experience unique and appealing to so many is that their workshops and the materials used are co-created by their participants and based on feedback from previous workshops. The workshops take account of all learning styles.

Managing Director and trainer Montell Neufville said “Not everyone learns in the same way and not everyone takes in information the same as other people. So our workshops are designed to meet these flexible needs.”

Samples of att10tives 100 workshops Samples of att10tives 100 workshops
Samples of att10tives 100 workshops

Montell developed the idea of writing bespoke interactive workshops whilst travelling around European countries exchanging learning methods working with hundreds of European community based educators, what are known in Europe as NGO’s (non governmental organisations) and universities.

Montell continued “I travelled to about a dozen European countries over five years learning how they do things over there and developed the methods which we now use here locally. These were tweaked based on feedback from our participants.

So delivering the same workshop is often different between classes and participants because of the participants in each group and their own unique ways of learning. I constantly remind everyone that we are not teachers, we are facilitators, our aim is to aid their engagement participation and learning”

Senior team leader Crown Agabi said “I’ve discovered that our workshops benefit the participants and also us facilitators. Facilitating multiple workshops has equipped me personally with a range of skills that are not only useful for what we are doing but helps me become more confident and more professional. This helps us with whatever future endeavours we will do.

On one hand the participants gain a lot in terms of knowledge and skills that they not be able to gain through the current educational system which is why we support and work with our main education providers. On the other hand this also helps us to foster our own holistic personal development”

Team leader Amber Aziz said “Being a member of Att10tive has been such a rewarding experience. From being a youth ambassador to now a team leader I have had my fair share of delivering workshops throughout this period.

"I have been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to help deliver these in various schools and colleges across Luton and also to the police. In doing so I have been able to improve my public speaking skills which has helped me grow in confidence when speaking in front of people.

"Now as a team leader we can look back and celebrate. None of this would have been possible without Montell’s help and guidance. So a big thank you to him and I look forward to achieving more milestones in the future.”

Att10ive director and training coordinator Adeel Bashir said “I have found the workshops to have been fantastic. It shows how engaged Att10ive has been to our communities and the difference we have made.

"Our ethos is to engage, educate and empower, and we have demonstrated that. We have great leadership from our managing director Montell and this had a trickle down effect on other team members.

"The workshops have given us the opportunity to improve other people’s lives as well as our own through creative engagement and learning co production methods. Our participants feel that they are actively engaged. I am immensely proud of everyone at Att10tive for making such positive contributions in different ways to our communities.”

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