GCSEs: More exam success at Cardinal Newman School!

Happy Cardinal Newman pupils celebrate their success
Happy Cardinal Newman pupils celebrate their success

A week after a triumphant set of A Level results, Cardinal Newman Catholic School again had cause to celebrate with an impressive round of GCSE rsults.

A school spokesman said the progress of students as a whole was positive once again, repeating years of strong outcomes for students and the school as a whole.

Results were strong across English, Maths and Science with the proportion of students achieving both Maths and English at record 73%. As a Catholic School and proud of the place of RE in the curriculum, the school was proud to note high levels of success across GCSE RE.

Among a raft of high achieving students was Albin Pappachan, securing a clean sweep of top grade 9s. His outcomes were just one of dozens that secured the top grades (7-9) that are equivalent to the old GCSE grade A. He noted the excellent support of his teachers and the encouragement of all those across the school community.

Joe Richardson, Headteacher, commented, “It has been a superb day. To see so many of our students secure great outcomes is pure joy. I am delighted so many are in a great position to carry on with their plans for study in Newman Sixth Form and our local colleges.

“All schools rightly celebrate the achievement of those who secure a raft of grade 9s, 8s and 7s and we are no different – well done to all!

"However, I am always most interested in those who got what they deserved thanks to their hard work.

"I am delighted by the fact that over 100 students in our school secured outcomes that were at least half a grade above average for every subject - thanks to their hard work.

"And it is interesting to note that the best outcomes in the school in terms of progress were achieved by a student who had very modest outcomes at Primary School, but went on to secure grades 6 and 7 (A/B) and is now in a position to go on to study whatever she wants – thanks to her hard work.”