It’s thumbs up to zorbing at Luton Scouts

Zorbing is great funZorbing is great fun
Zorbing is great fun
In 1966 England won the World Cup at Wembley, but in 2019 Luton Scouts took football to a new level.

In the pouring rain Griffin, Hydra, Phoenix and Young Leaders Explorers wore over size beachballs to hold a competition of zorbing football.

Thirty young people turned up for a wet evening of fun, and the rain didn’t stop them.

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A Luton Scouts spokesman, said: “The result of wearing over size plastic bubbles created more laughter than football, and to make matters worse, they forgot to keep score!

“This was not a problem, because the players all had a great time getting wet
and running around inside a zorbing ball. The real winners were ‘fun and friends’ enjoying a very energetic and physically demanding activity followed by pizza, which disappeared quickly at the hands of the hungry teenagers.

“Luton Scouts prove they have fun in many ways and not just knots and compasses.”

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