Luton author pens Sci-fi thriller ‘Beyond Life’ for brave mum Suzanne

Sean Wray
Sean Wray

A determined Luton writer has penned his first science fiction novel as a tribute to his brave mother who courageously fought leukaemia.

Sean Wray, 21, of Sundon Park, is celebrating the publication of his sci-fi thriller, Beyond Life, not only because it is the end result of three hard years of work, but because he promised his late mother that he would finish it.

Beyond Life

Beyond Life

Beyond Life is the story of “one man’s journey into space as he seeks out an afterlife for his deceased mother,” and Sean is also hoping his achievements can act as a positive role model for mental health, as he has completed the work whilst battling severe anxiety and depression.

Sean said: “I started writing this novel in 2013 when my mother, Suzanne Margaret Wray, was diagnosed with cancer.

“She passed away a month later in early 2014 and I promised her I would finish it.

“My mother was a remarkable woman, and also one of the bravest people I ever knew.

“She fought her illness until the end and held on so that her family could say goodbye. I wanted to take those qualities and feed them into the character of Suzanne, whom I named after her.In some ways, this character keeps her alive.”

Beyond Life explores the possibility of the afterlife existing within the brightest star in the night sky and the characters put science and religion into question.

Sean said: “The main protagonists come from different walks of life; David Fullpel is a grieving, middle-aged tutor, seeking closure for his mother who died when he was 12; Doug Hughes, David’s best friend, is a scientist torn between his scientific and religious beliefs; Keera Vici is a female pilot and engineer who longs to escape her darkened past... Then, of course, there’s Suzanne Margaret Fullpel, David’s mum, who finds herself given a second chance at life – but at a cost.”

Like Sean’s mother, Suzanne the character is “brave, strong and courageous”.

Sean concluded: “I take my strength from my mum... I owe everything to her, to my friends, and to my family.

“With their support, I proved to myself that mental health never defined me and that I could beat it. Find something you are passionate about and hold onto that!”

Beyond Life is available via Amazon: Kindle eBook (£0.99p); paperback (£6.99).

You can search for ‘Beyond Life’ on Facebook to connect with other fans and Sean is working on the sequel, ‘Beyond Death’.