Students across Luton celebrated their GCSE results todayStudents across Luton celebrated their GCSE results today
Students across Luton celebrated their GCSE results today

Luton GCSE results 2023: live updates as students receive grades

“Seeing our students celebrating their results this morning was an amazing experience”

Teenagers across Luton and Dunstable are lining up to find out their GCSE results today.

Last year the top grades for 16-year-olds in England increased, with 27% of entries achieving a grade 7 and above.

Luton North MP Sarah Owen said: “Good luck to all Year 11s receiving their GCSE results across Luton North. Every time I visit our secondary schools, I’m so impressed by how smart, kind and talented our students are. Congratulations to students, staff and families - This is just the beginning.”

Cllr Aslam Khan, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Children’s, Families and Education Services added: “Congratulations to all the students across Luton on their GCSEs results this year. I also want to thank and congratulate the families, teachers, schools and colleges that have supported Luton students so well through their studies and wish them all the best for their future.”

Here’s how schools in Luton have done:

Cardinal Newman

Students at Cardinal Newman Catholic School were full of smiles today as they celebrated some highly impressive GCSE results.

Overall, figures are up in almost every measure from the last set of comparable results in 2019. 65% of all students achieved 5+ standard passes, including English and maths, and an incredible 98% of all students achieved grade 5 and higher. 48% of students achieved a strong pass in English and maths.

These results mean the 2023 academic year has ended on a high for the school. Last week’s A-Level results saw nearly two thirds of students secure an A*- C grade in the papers that were sat.

Andrew Bull, Headteacher, said: “We're absolutely thrilled with this year's GCSE result. They’re a testament to the hard work of our students and the dedication of our teachers. I am incredibly proud of this year group and all that they have achieved. The support that the staff have given this year group has been immense and they should also be congratulated.

“Seeing our students celebrating their results this morning was an amazing experience for all of us and it’s hard to say whose smiles are bigger – students or staff.”

Chiltern Academy

Chiltern Academy is pleased to announce the successful outcomes of its first-ever GCSE cohort. Over two-thirds of Chiltern Academy’s GCSE students attained grades 9 to 5 in both English and Mathematics.

A quarter of the student cohort secured grades 9 to 7 in both English and Mathematics, while a substantial 80% received grades 9 to 4 in these key subjects.

Ian Douglas, Headteacher of Chiltern Academy, expressed his pride in the school’s achievement.

He said: “It is a testament to the parents who chose Chiltern Academy for their children before we opened, and their belief in the Chiltern Learning Trust to set up and run a fantastic school in the south of Luton. Parents and pupils of this cohort, our history makers, have set an exceptionally high bar, which the school is determined to achieve, year on year.”

Adrian Rogers, CEO of Chiltern Learning Trust, added: “We are immensely pleased with the strong performance of Chiltern Academy’s inaugural GCSE cohort. These results underscore the effectiveness of our approach to education and the dedication of our students and staff.

“As we celebrate this milestone, we remain focused on nurturing continuous improvement and providing quality learning experiences for all our students with the school now reaching full capacity.”

Denbigh High School

Denbigh students have achieved brilliant GCSE results.

Donna Neely-Hayes MBE, Headteacher at Denbigh High School, said: “I am tremendously proud. Behind this set of results is a story of resilience, determination and hard work from our students and staff, who have all been truly impressive throughout the five years that this cohort have been at Denbigh. They have remained completely committed, even when facing the adversity of the pandemic”

“The results our students have achieved will enable them to follow their chosen paths next year and beyond. I am absolutely certain that they will continue to be successful in the next phase of their education and chosen career. I would like to thank students, staff and parents, the whole Denbigh High School community, for their remarkable hard work and effort to achieve such fantastic results.”

Particular achievements included those of Adina, Rafi, Abdullah and Aishal who received some of the very highest grades across all of their subjects.

Other standout students including Talal and Onic made some of the very highest levels of progress in their 5 years at Denbigh.

Challney Boys

Students at Challney High School for Boys have lots to celebrate after receiving another fantastic set of outcomes in their 2023 GCSE results.

Six students achieved the highest 8s and 9s in 10 subjects, and 17 students achieving 7–9 grades in 10 subjects. One student, Abdullah Hanook, achieved a straight set of grade 9s across all 10 subjects - a spectacular achievement.

Mark Mailer, Headteacher at Challney High School for Boys, said: “We could not be prouder of what our students have achieved this year and the resilience they have demonstrated throughout their exam preparations and their time at this school. The students and all our staff have worked tirelessly to help secure these results and they are a testament to everyone’s unstinting commitment to achieving excellence.

“None of this would have been possible were it not also for the support of our wonderful community of parents who work closely with the school to help ensure our students are as well prepared as they can be. Our parental body remains one of our greatest assets.”

Challney Girls

Students at Challney High School for Girls collected their GCSE results today, bringing exciting new opportunities to continue their education. The results are a testament to the hard work shown by students with 83 grade 9s awarded across most GCSE subjects.

In addition, 25 students were awarded the highest possible grade, Level 2 Distinction*, in vocational subjects.

Two students, Zaybab Ul-Haq and Annika Saddiqui have secured scholarships at Berkhamsted school to take up their A Level studies.

Joanne Mylles, Headteacher at Challney High School for Girls, said: “I am pleased with our student’s achievements. They have been awarded results that reflect the hard work and dedication they have invested into their studies.

“These achievements have been driven by our students and the support from educational staff as well as students’ families and peers. I am grateful for the teachers at Challney High School, the optimism from the Head of Year and the year team, and the support and encouragement from parents and members of the Governing Body and the Chiltern Learning Trust.”

Putteridge High School

Putteridge High School students are celebrating their GCSE achievements today.

David Graham, Headteacher, said: “We are very proud of all the work and achievements of our Year 11 students. They have achieved at, or above expectations and we are very pleased with their outcomes.”

Mr Graham continued: “Our students have benefited from our very high expectations. I would like to thank our dedicated staff team for their commitment to provide a First Class learning environment for all students. We wish every student great success in the future.”

Stockwood Park Academy

Students at Stockwood Park Academy are revelling in their successes and the academy is enjoying a year-on-year improvement.

Vocational subjects again had commendable success, with a 100% pass rate in business studies and child development, with many students achieving a high-level distinction in business studies.

Student Victor John-Okah achieved 9,9,9,9,9,8,8,7 and said, “I’m feeling really happy with my results, and I’m pleased that I worked hard throughout my GCSES.” Victor will be studying A Level economics, mathematics and computers.

Principal, Mumin Humayun said “Our students have been on an incredible journey with us, and after a challenging last few years, I am delighted that their hard work really has paid off. They have continued to show us how resilient and determined they are, and I am very proud of them. I look forward to welcoming many to our Sixth Form to continue their education with us.”

Chalk Hills Academy

The Chalk Hills Academy is delighted to announce another year of strong GCSE results.

Notable successes included student Ayah Hassan who achieved 9,9,9,9,9,9,9,8,8. Ayah is extremely pleased, stating “I feel really happy and proud of myself and am glad I put in extra hours of studying. Thank you to all the teachers who helped me with my GCSEs.” Zain Janjuha also received outstanding results with grades 9,9,9,9,8,8,8,8,6 along with Sinead Murtagh who achieved 9,9,9,9,9,8,8,8 and a distinction in Health and Social Care.

Principal Raza Ali said “I’ve been delighted to have another successful year at The Chalk Hills Academy and have enjoyed celebrating with our hard-working students. As always, we value the support from our parents and carers and look forward to continuing to improve on our success for the years to come.”


The Lealands Class of 2023 demonstrated school values throughout their five years at high school, and have the good grades to show for it.

60% of students achieved grades 9-4 in both GCSE English and mathematics, and 100% of students achieved grades 9-4 in GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Mr Burridge, Headteacher, said, "It was wonderful to see the joy and happiness of our students receiving their GCSE grades after such challenging times and the anxiety of the revised grading system this year. Students and staff have worked tirelessly. We are so proud of our students and wish them every success in the future".

Q ueen Elizabeth School

Highlights for the school include 21.3% of students gained a grade 9-7 in Maths, and 70% of students gained 9-4 in English. In nine subjects, including Physics, Biology and Chemistry, an incredible 100% of students attained 9-5.

Headteacher Rhoda McPherson commented: “We are immensely proud of the achievement of our Year 11 students. Their commitment to their studies throughout Year 11 can be seen in their impressive results and we wish them every success in their next steps.

“We look forward to welcoming many of them into our new Sixth Form, QE6. As always, our teachers worked incredibly hard to support our students with their examinations and I sincerely thank them all for their dedication to our school and its students.”

She added: “The school has maintained its progress and we are excited to continue the development of the school as we continually aspire to offer the best education for our students.”

This story will be updated as schools release their results.

Luton North MP Sarah Owen said: “Good luck to all Year 11s receiving their GCSE results across Luton North. Every time I visit our secondary schools, I’m so impressed by how smart, kind and talented our students are. Congratulations to students, staff and families - This is just the beginning.”

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