Luton primary school celebrates Healthy Diets with weekly cooking session

Children and parents have been coming together at Stopsley Community Primary School for a weekly cooking session that celebrates good nutrition, seasonal food and avoiding food waste.

Tuesday, 29th October 2019, 5:38 pm
Charlie and Jaiden. Photo by Stopsley Primary School.

On October 16, it was United Nations World Food Day, and this year's theme was Healthy Diets, pupils at the community primary school took part in sessions that made food preparation a fun experience, letting the children get involved in making some treats.

The dishes celebrated food from different cultures and the activities encouraged children to try new flavours and textures.

Headteacher Richard Fordham said: “We value working with our families hugely. At Stopsley, we are all about the partnership between home and school.

Charlie. Photo by Stopsley Primary School.

"It is great to see our children and parents spending this quality time together.

"They have great fun with the cooking but they also get to interact and do lots of English and maths learning too.

"I think these sessions help everyone recognise what working together can do.”

Mark Agar spent time with his son during the cooking sessions at the school, he said: “I love the opportunity to come into school, and we are going to start cooking more at home.”

Dalziel. Photo by Stopsley Primary School.

Luton Adult Learning provided the ingredients each week and a free crèche for parents with younger pre-school children.

Course Leader Safia Rashid, from Luton Adult Learning, says the workshops are “designed to get children involved in cooking, because if they are involved they are more likely to eat different foods. Plus they are learning about literacy and maths whilst having fun."